How long have you been in the business?

We are a startup. Kicked off our business in Aug 2011. But our company directors have been working in web marketing industry since 5 years prior to this for the markets of USA.


Who are the promoters and what are their background credentials?

Mr. Amish, the principal consultant, is an MBA in marketing. He has 10+ years of industry experience working with Ad Agency, Web Research and International Marketing. He does deliver lectures on marketing occasionally at reputed educational institutes and industry associations. Our other partner/director/share holders are academically qualified individuals.


How many regular clients do you have?

We have clocked 135 retainer clients at this stage from diverse backgrounds i.e. Technology/Tele-communication, Trading Business, Grooming Services, Printing Solutions, and Accounting Services etc.


How many regular clients of yours agreed for renewal or placed
repeat orders?

We have a 95% client retention rate since our inception.


How many regular clients of yours scaled up or added more services?

Since our hands are almost full, we are taking only limited set of new clients every year. Our new client each are year are 5-6, our referral clients till date are 46 and close to 89 clients are renewal clients that we had gathered along our journey since inception.


How many regular clients of yours provided you referrals?

We have got over 40% in new business via referrals. Being a marketing company, we do understand the dynamics of new client acquisition costs closely. With our referral program, we also return the kind gesture of our existing client with some incentives. To check our referral program in detail, click here.


What is your count between new vs. referral vs. repeat business?

This is currently not applicable since none of our client is over 12 months older but our repeat business is over 40% of the new business


How much would you help to save compared to current
marketing/advertising spending?

We have cases of over 90% savings too compared to traditional marketing/advertising spending like print (newspaper/magazine ads), television, radio, OOH, etc. but to be on reasonable side, we can assure of 60% savings at least with accountable results.


Which all geographies do you have the clients from?

We have clients from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. besides few international destinations likes USA, UK and Australia.


What is the current total headcount? How much did you grow from last?

We are a small team with only 5 full time employees, 7 work from home(on-retainer consultants) and 12 industry affiliates. We are hiring only qualified and experienced individuals.


Did you acquire any big client/brand name?

We do not prefer to throw brand/client names to impress people since each project is a different kind of challenge but to list a few, we have Bharat Steel Suppliers (Gujarat’s no. 1 iron and steel trader), CR Sharedalal & Co. (60 year old CA firm), Pipara & Co. (Gujarat’s leading CA firm), Samrat Namkeen (Gujarat’s leading packed foods brand) and US Pizza (India’s leading chain of pizza outlets)


How you are competitively placed? Any 3 things that makes you unique?

Yes, there are few factors that make us unique.

  • There are only handfuls of companies that offer core web marketing for businesses based in India. Either most of them are focused on Outsourcing or they are amongst the IT/Website Companies category that just prefer to list these services on their website but are actually sub-contracting outside. We just love doing the web marketing for businesses in India and do not intend to step into any of the other two categories we mentioned earlier.
  • We believe in quality and thus do not compromise in your work with stolen codes, pirated content, non-permission images, black-hat strategies, defamatory marketing activities, etc. We prefer to work with limited clients and drive more value of that engagement rather than trying to be volume hungry.
  • We emphasize on accountability in performance with in-depth reporting and international standards services for all our clients. For this, we offer some plans/solutions on performance-based model where you pay us only if we have got you the results of the web marketing activities. We are not sure how many companies in Gujarat or in fact India would be doing this.

What is your revenue? How much percent did you grow from last

We are startup private limited company. We do not disclose our revenues like the public limited companies. But we are doing well. We are not greedy to become an overnight million dollar company and so would prefer to grow organically.


Did you get any award, recognition, certification from any Industry
Association / Media House? OR Did any of your top-execs receive
any recognition for business or community initiatives?

None currently but we are in the process of applying for association memberships and awards. You should hear back on this from us soon.


Have you set for yourself any target in the form of turnover or
number of clients or competitive position?

We clearly do not believe in clients by numbers. We prefer to work with limited clients and drive more value of that engagement rather than trying to be volume hungry. We focus on working more closely with those clients/brands/products/services where we are more of their marketing partners helping them enrich their sales/business development with measurable ROI.


Did you launch any new brands, product/service, version updates?

Icecraft Dance Festiva (India's First Broadway Style Classical Dance Festival @Ahmedabad), Chataka Spices (Read the case study here),Bejan Daruwalla (India's Leading Astrologer), etc.


Did you affiliate/associate with any other company/brand for
vertical/backward integration to make your product/service
portfolio stronger?

None currently

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