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Promotion activities are one of the best ways to convert your lead to a final sale closer. Offer some discount, give something for free, run sweepstakes, etc.

E-coupons/e-certificates can help make this easy. You can cross/up sell services to your existing clients to leverage more value out of them or send some interesting promotion offers to your interested leads to go ahead and grab you. Either you can have the e-coupons/e-certificates for your existing clients to forward them to their own reference circles and thereby grow your base with minimal new client acquisition cost.

We can conceptualize the entire promotions campaign for you, develop the design theme (using only rights-owned images), draft the messaging with discount codes and run them via e-mail campaign or registering on discount websites like Snapdeal.com® and many others.

*Note: We do not offer any kind of assurances on the amount of closed sales we can bring. We simply help you make your promotions campaign more effective.

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