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Running e-mail/e-newsletter campaign consistently would demand time and resources. We can conceptualize an entire campaign for you, develop the design theme using only rights-owned images, draft the messaging and content, code the template, send them to the mailing list and summarize with a report on the number of opens/clicks. Though emails/e-newsletters are amongst the cost-effective modes for marketing, knowledge of right tools and the spam laws is very important.

So if you own a mailing list from thousands to millions, we can take care of your entire e-mail/e-newsletter campaign using the best experts and tools available. You can drive home multiple objectives from these campaigns: existing client retention, new client acquisition, cross/up sell, referral program, etc.

Our e-mail/e-newsletter campaign management service comes with 98% guaranteed delivery into your receiver’s inbox and not spam.

*Note: We do not sell mailing lists but only provide e-mail/e-newsletter campaign management for your owned mailing list data.

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