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If you have a product/service that requires a help menu/doc, we can have it converted to an interactive and engaging ‘How To’ Demo video. Reading through tens of help menu/doc pages to figure out some issue with usage of your product/service may be boring for your end users. We can have it converted to the Demo video with Audio Voice-over (AV) and animations to make it more effective and interesting for your end users. So now you do not need to incur costs for print too and re-prints in case of revision. Just let them download/view online or give them on a CD/DVD.

Demo videos are also good for your in-house training purposes and can have menus by each section of your product/service.

You can also have this demo videos optimized on video/document sharing sites to attract more eyeballs.

*Note: We do not do live shoot for trainer/site/product/service

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