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Webinars are the virtual form of seminars that can help you get more audiences for your event without the restrictions of place and time. The feel remains the same; there is a comperer, speaker/s and the audience. The difference is that they are seeing your speaker’s presentation on their computer screens no matter which part of the country they are in and are listening to them via their phone. They can pop questions and it can become as engaging as typically a seminar would be.

Webinars are easy to plan, manage or run and come with not even 1/10 the cost compared to a seminar. You can have a live webinar and the same recording can be put for viewing again either on your website or on any video sites, thereby helping you multiply the effective mileage that you can ideally get of this activity.

We can take care of everything right from pre-event planning that includes conceptualizing the campaign, promoting it to get registrants, sending the invites to join the setup and the post-event follow-ups for checking on any leads of the same.

*Note: We do not provide any assistance in getting speakers. That onus is with you -Can either have someone from your own company or an industry renowned professional for the same.

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