Acquisition Program

So are you planning to run a lead generation campaign or increase signups/downloads? Our acquisition program provides a complete web marketing solution to help achieve your sales promotion objectives.

We offer a combination of following web marketing activities:


Our expertise lies in the tips & tricks and the experiential skills that we have built up to get your website to the top rankings in major search engines that can get you sizeable search based web-traffic for converting them to leads.


We setup the PPC ad account for a budget of minimum INR 5K (budget is on us) and thereafter in multiples of it (based on the agreed total project size) and ensure that the PPC ads are able to get the maximum CPM and least CPC from your target market to get you more leads flowing in.


This involves extensive online business networking to hook up with decision makers of your target market besides starting and growing your own groups, providing responses on Q&A forum, running polls, etc. that can help you acquire some prospective leads.


We can run acquisition oriented e-mail campaigns. It would include everything from conceptualizing the entire campaign to developing the design theme (using only rights-owned images), drafting the message and content, coding the templates and sending them to your mailing list whether it is of few thousands or a million plus email ids.


This involves conceptualizing the entire sales promotions campaign and running the e-coupons/e-certificates in the form of e-mail campaigns for your existing clients or registering those e-coupons/e-certificates on discount websites for getting new clients.


We will manage everything right from pre-event planning for the webinar that includes conceptualizing the campaign, promoting it to get registrants, sending the invites to join the setup to the post-event follow-ups for checking on any leads of the same.


We make business presentations more effective with Audio Voice-over (AV) and animations to make a strong sales point, showcase your process, your USPs, etc. and optimize on video/document sharing sites to get more eyeball views and leads generated of the same.

Case Study

This involves preparing a video based case study that would integrate animated explanation of the situation/problem of your customer and how you delivered them the solution that made a difference to their business along with a testimonial. The same can be optimized on video/document sharing sites to get more eyeball views and leads generated of the same.

The idea of this program is to help you stay focused on your core expertise without worrying for new business acquisition marketing plans and spending.

Ideally under this program, our analyst team studies your business in detail, along with the competition and industry potential based on which suggests a comprehensive mix of web marketing plan from our entire portfolio of services.

There would be a dedicated project manager at our end for the execution of this entire comprehensive mix of web marketing activities to ensure that we help you realize your business goals as one of your marketing partner and not a typical Marketing vendor.

Expert Solutions For:

  • IT & ITES
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Medical Centers
  • Education Institutes
  • Event Organizers
  • Garments Exporters
  • Automobile Exporters
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobiles & Laptops

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