Viral Program

Planning to replicate a ‘Kolavari Di…’ kind of success for your product/service? Go for the least-cost P2P mass marketing where your product/service campaign rolls like a snowball and the users/viewers themselves become their promoters. Social media is amongst the prominent tools for running a viral program. A highly recommended idea for a new concept product/service launch, teaser campaigns or gaining competitive advantage without requiring paying sacks of money to media companies. The only basic criteria for running a successful viral program is that the campaign should be genuinely engaging, entertaining and not making a direct sales pitch.

We offer a combination of following web marketing activities:

Social Media

We start with devising a social media strategy that will help your product/service stand out of the rest. Accordingly a comprehensive non-sales centric profile is built and optimized. We may develop some gaming, music, sharing, utility, etc. kind of Apps that would closely associate with your product/service. The idea would be to trigger engagement and sharing. Once the snowballs get rolling, you need to simply keep counting the views/shares/likes to check how successful it has been. Please note that not all viral campaigns through social media platforms can be super successful. But with expert by your side, you can be little more confident.


We can run viral promotions for cross-sell or up-sell of your product/services to your existing data lists. Mostly by e-mail campaign, the receiver can be offered some discount but if he goes ahead and refers us somebody, the discount proportion can be increased or they may receive some gifts. Automatically your e-coupon/e-certificate will land into more e-mail boxes than ever before. This may resemble little to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept, but this one is genuine.

The idea of this program is to help you stay focused on your core expertise since viral programs require highly out-of-the box approach that takes a lot of time and resources.

Ideally under this program, our analyst team studies your business in detail, along with the competition and industry based on which suggests a comprehensive mix of web marketing plan from our entire portfolio of services.

There would be a dedicated project manager at our end for the execution of this entire comprehensive mix of web marketing activities to ensure that we help you realize your business goals as one of your marketing partner and not a typical marketing vendor.

Expert Solutions For:

  • IT & ITES
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Medical Centers
  • Education Institutes
  • Event Organizers
  • Garments Exporters
  • Automobile Exporters
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobiles & Laptops

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