Why Us

Prosmit Inc. is coined from ‘Professionals in Sales & Marketing with Information Technology’ and is based out of Ahmedabad. Prosmit works on impact driven Web & Mobile with connect to Offline Media Marketing campaigns. We understand brand messaging or positioning as good as we understand the digital media platforms. We consider us more as a Digital Ad Agency of the Web 2.0 era and would love to work as your strategic marketing partner rather than just one more marketing vendor who can deliver resulted oriented (read sales driven) web marketing activities that can help boost your sales and other business development goals.

What we offer is definitely a value for money service compared to any other traditional marketing activity but we are not the cheapest amongst any tom-dick-harry kind of SEO or email company. We are little expensive to afford because we prefer to do things genuinely and ensure that we make a difference to your business.

Our USPs includes Professional Services, Accountable Performance, In-depth Reporting and International Standards. Our plans are customizable and scalable.

We launched ourselves because of the particular observation that most web marketing is done by I.T. and website companies while only handful core marketing companies offer the web marketing services.

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